24" Jupiter 2   Replica
Here are some photos of the first 2ft Jupiter 2 Kit build up. These photos were taken with multiple light sources so the color might look a little off in some of them. My apologies for this (Never claimed to be a good photographer).

These photos demonstrate the attention to detail that has gone into this kit. As you can see, all the upper and lower hull detail is molded into the kit! This will drastically reduce the time required for a fan to get their Jupiter 2 ready to paint. Now that we have had a chance to verify that all components fit as designed, we have made the kit available to the fans.

The kit includes complete downloadable assembly instructions including photos (not crude drawings) and detailed assembly details. Click
Here for the PDF manual.

I think that everyone will agree that the 2ft Jupiter 2 kit was worth the wait. With the help of such fine individuals as Ron Gross, Jeff King and Mike Sussek we have been able to produce the most accurate J2 kit to date.

24" Jupiter2™ build-up
24" Jupiter2 Model Kit
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