About Us
My name is Norman Sockwell. I am the owner of ScifiMetropolis and have been designing and building science fiction related replicas specifically since 1999. I have been a member of The B9 Builders Club for almost as long. My previous experience using CNC equipment and being involved in the intricate stages from conception to final product have given me the experience necessary to produce highly detailed, accurate replicas. I have been a sci-fi enthusiast since childhood, with my first real exposure to science fiction being the classic television series "Lost in Space" and I've never lost that enthusiasm to this day.

  We also have a new division of Scifimetropolis that offers CNC machining, CNC laser cutting / engraving, CNC plasma cutting, Thermo-Forming, Roto-Casting and Resin Casting services to clients needing these services at a reasonable rate. We have been doing this type of work for our in house projects for years and have had enough of our customers requesting us to do work for them that we decided to offer our services to the public.

  If you have any needs whether it be Sci-Fi related or CNC services please contact us at scifimetropolis@gmail.com or by phone at 205-602-0798.

        Norman Sockwell

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