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Lost In Space™ was originally aired by CBS from Sept. of 1965 to March of 1968. The series ran for 83 episodes and boasted a star packed cast.

In the year 1997, Earth has a population problem. Professor John Robinson, his wife Maureen, their children (Judy, Penny and Will) along with Major Don West are selected to go to the third planet in the Alpha Centauri star system to establish a colony so that others from the over populated Earth can settle there. Their voyage is to  be taken in a ship of Professor Robinson's design, the Jupiter 2. However, Doctor Zachary Smith, a spy for an enemy government, is sent to sabotage the mission.

After his successful reprogramming of the ship's robot,Robot B9,in what has become known as true Doctor Zachary Smith fashion, he is trapped aboard the ship moments before take off. Because of his excess weight, the ship and all on board become hopelessly lost in space and it now becomes a fight for survival as the crew tries to find their way to Alpha Centauri.
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